SafeBridge offers improved sensitivity for naproxen sodium analysis

Published: 11-Feb-2010

SafeBridge Consultants’ industrial hygiene analytical laboratory has validated an air sampling process with improved analytical sensitivity for the measurement of naproxen sodium on filters.

The California, US-based firm now has a validated method that will detect down to 20 picograms per filter. The company says this limit of detection is 4–5 times lower than methods available from other commercial laboratories.

“Naproxen sodium can now be measured at lower concentrations in air which creates an effective tool for organisations involved in handling hazardous materials in powder and liquid forms,” said SafeBridge chief executive John Farris. “This is important to pharmaceutical and chemical companies as well as containment and engineering control vendors. Industrial hygiene studies using sensitive methods can predict potential worker exposures and identify sources of emissions for the purpose of preventing occupational disease.”

The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) has accredited SafeBridge’s industrial hygiene laboratory for the analysis of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The laboratory develops methods and analyses samples that contain biologically active pharmaceuticals such as steroid hormones, enzymes, peptide hormones, antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) and cytotoxic compounds. The SafeBridge laboratory is also knowledgeable in the development of immunoassays and application of ELISA technology to detect low concentrations of highly potent drugs on filters.


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