Sustainability Week makes waves at Kimberly-Clark Professional HQ

Published: 15-May-2012

Employees encouraged to take ‘small steps’ to improve their personal ecological footprint

Kimberly-Clark Professional has hailed its 2012 Sustainability Week a big success and pledged to continue demonstrating its commitment to environmentally and socially sound business practices. The event was held at the UK headquarters of Kimberly-Clark Professional in Reigate, Surrey, from 30 April to 4 May and was designed to engage employees and encourage them to take ‘small steps’ to improve their personal ecological footprint.

Ahead of the week, Kimberly-Clark Professional staff completed a survey to establish their own ecological footprint. Then, during the course of Sustainability Week, Kimberly-Clark Professional staged a series of activities designed to provide staff with ideas on how to reduce their environmental impact.

A big favourite was the EcoDriving simulator, which challenged players to drive as fuel-efficiently as possible. Also popular was the Water Explorer, a quiz-based game designed to help people make the link between water, climate change and their own everyday habits.

A big favourite was the EcoDriving simulator

A big favourite was the EcoDriving simulator

Kimberly-Clark Professional staff were also given the opportunity to try a selection of sustainably produced food in the company’s canteen. In addition, employees were promised a bag of free, sustainable Kimberly-Clark branded products if they made a personal sustainability pledge. During the week, staff were able to win numerous prizes for participating in various events, including hampers of Fairtrade food and £50 Visa vouchers.

“By staging Sustainability Week, we hoped to demonstrate that sustainable practices run through our entire organisation, affect all of our sites, and involve all business functions,” said Lori Shaffer, Sustainability Marketing Manager.

“As a company we are committed to building sustainability into every aspect of our business and Sustainability Week was a fantastic reminder to all of us of this important promise, and an acknowledgement that sustainable practices begin with proactive, small steps taken by individuals.

“It means our customers can trust Kimberly-Clark Professional to deliver innovative, high-quality products made with respect for our planet’s resources and people.”

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