Thermo Fisher Scientific chooses Cleanroom Combination Group

Published: 15-Mar-2022

CCG has been selected to provide a "clean warehouse" for the lab services provider

Cleanroom Combination Group (CCG) has announced that the company has been selected for a cleanroom project for Thermo Fisher Scientific.

The project is for a "clean warehouse", and is currently being put together at a Thermo Fisher Scientific site. Netherlands-based Cleanroom Combination Group, part of CCG Holding, has been involved in this project since the engineering stage.

The warehouse is being finished with a conductive cast floor. CCG installed the cleanroom walls and cleanroom ceilings with LED fixtures and supplied the high-speed doors.

Stan de Jongh, executor of the Service & Maintenance department, expects these spaces to be delivered in 3 weeks.

CCG provide cleanroom services, from consulting, engineering and drawing to project management, actual realisation, furnishing and maintaining. This way the company states it can offer "Room for perfection" to clients in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, biopharmaceutical industry, healthcare, nanotechnology, microelectronics and other high-quality industries.

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