TSI teases the release of its new Portable Particle Counter

Published: 24-Feb-2023

With the new Annex 1 due to come into force in August, the timing of this new release could not be better

TSI has posted a teaser video for the release of its new portable monitoring solution.

The new TSI AeroTrak+ Portable Particle Counters will help technicians performing cleanroom classification, monitoring, or simple root-cause analysis.

The company claims this is "everything you’ve been asking for in a portable particle counter".

The new solutions easily meets compliance for evolving regulations like Annex 1 2022 for pharma as well as new ISO calibration requirements (21501-4:2018) and China GMP. As we reach the six month mark on the countdown to enforcement of Annex 1 in August, this is a timely launch.

The US-based company also touted the ease of use of the new product, saying you "just press START, no manuals required".


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