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Sold out: Cleanroom Technology Conference 2019 opens waiting list

The third edition of the event takes place on 21-22 May at The National Conference Centre in Birmingham

British manufacturing in 2019

The UK is predicted to break back into the top five manufacturing nations

Reagecon chooses Sana’s e-commerce platform to offer 30,000 products to market

Reagecon, the world’s largest manufacturer of standards and reagents and supplier of chemicals, consumables and equipment to testing laboratories a...

Blue Line cleanroom tablets are the next mobility solution in pharmaceutical manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturing requires mobile technology to keep up with increasingly lean manufacturing practices. <a href='http://www.pharmamicror...

Tech industry strength could lead to London and the South East dominating STEM jobs growth

In an analysis of projected jobs growth by occupation between 2016 and 2024, nine of the ten fastest growing occupations in Great Britain are forec...

Zenith Technologies launches 24/7 life science manufacturing IT service

The manufacturing IT team will provide multi-platform engineering support across automation, manufacturing execution systems, digital and lab IT sy...

What is total QA?

Quality assurance that safeguards your product and plant

Bearings: the inside matters

The demand for cleanroom automation equipment increases at a rapid rate with the growth of the medical and consumer electronics industries. Chris J...

Priorclave launches Wi-Fi autoclaves

The autoclave manufacturer says the upgrade will be available to all Priorclave laboratory and research sterilisers currently in use

"The future belongs to real-time methods for determining microorganism counts"

Dr Christian Raiss, director at the Hygiene-Institut AYSID, will discuss methods for determining microorganism counts at the Cleanzone Conference 2...

Clean in place systems explained

Clean in place (CIP) technology has been around since the 1950s yet even today it is often seen as a low priority when building a process plant. It...

Performance validation: HPAPI containment testing in a risk-based era

Taking a more automated approach to validation testing paves the way to capturing more repeatable and reliable data, thereby improving levels of co...

Solving a contamination crisis with the right tech

Don't get caught without the right tech in a contamination crisis, it is typically not a matter of ‘if' it will happen, but ‘when'

Data integrity: a regulatory perspective

How does your lab stand up to increased scrutiny?

Winners of the Cleanroom Technology 2018 Awards announced

Industry awards have been presented at this year's international conference in Birmingham

Pharmaceutical manufacture: new standards and best practice

The 23rd annual Pharmig conference, held in Nottingham in November 2015, brought together expert microbiologists, regulatory inspectors and delegat...