Telstar to present a new predictive maintenance platform based on a shared multi-tenant model at CPHI 2022

Published: 26-Oct-2022

Insights is a cutting-edge non-intrusive IoT data Platform developed by Telstar that analyses in real time the data of equipment in operation

The platform is capable of providing comparative data of assets of the same type in similar production conditions, allows for the generation of a customised specific predictive & preventive maintenance plan.

At CPhI (Frankfurt November 1-3, 2022), Telstar will be promoting a new Pharma 4.0 IoT Data platform for predictive and preventive maintenance. Under the "Insights" brand, it is a non-intrusive cloud platform that collects and analyses in real-time the data of the equipment in operation, allowing for the generation of a customised specific predictive & preventive maintenance plan.

Telstar Insights runs simultaneously data collection, processing and analysis, comparing assets of the same type in similar production condition, even from different sources, using analytical and big data tools through a multi-tenant Internet of Things (IoT) platform. In this way, the multiuser platform Insights can analyse a substantial quantity of aggregated information & functional data, allowing the users to increase the level of knowledge on their own equipment, benchmarking the behaviour of other similar equipment in operation in the market. At the end, the user can obtain reliable and accurate information and generate a prediction plan. This particular Insights feature provides the ability to generate and, at the same time, manage comparative indicators to improve overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and move towards predictive maintenance.

Based on specialised partner “shared” model and SaaS (Software as a Service), Insights is conceived to improve productivity and maximise assets performance throughout their lifecycle.

Smart Format shortlisted for the CPhI Pharma Awards 2022

At CPhI, the company will also be promoting new developments in both in line management devices and process analytical technology for pharmaceutical freeze-drying systems:

Lyogistics Smart Format, which has been selected as a finalist for the CPHI Pharma Awards 2022, is a new system using a single mobile platform configured to automatically fit a wide range of vial sizes without the need to disrupt the isolated enclosure. There is no need for manual operations inside the aseptic area when changing formats, and no line clearance operations are required.

Lyogistics Zero is the only automatic vial loading & unloading system for freeze-drying processes which can be cleaned (CIP) and sterilised (SIP) in place, inside the freeze-dryer chamber and Lyogistics Smart R3 is an innovative automated inline vial management device with a small footprint, able to reject, reintroduce and retrieve vials during the loading / unloading for GMP freeze-dryers.

Telstar Sublime: a new system capable of monitoring the advance of the sublimation front in real time in GMP freeze-dryers. It is a single-use probe, containing 5 independent temperature sensors which are placed within the vial, including wireless communication, able to monitor the advance of the sublimation front accurately, key to optimise the primary drying steps in lyophilisation processes.

Telstar Lyonuc: a nucleation induction method developed by Telstar, suitable for any type of freeze-dryer that reduces the duration of the primary drying cycle and ensures the uniformity and homogenisation of the vials in all the batches, respecting the product’s morphology and physiochemical properties.

Endorsing Pharma industry with more innovative developments

At CPhI, Telstar’s portfolio will also be strengthened with innovative solutions in isolation technology, sterilisation applications, and advanced aseptic processes integrated systems & services.

Furthermore, turnkey engineering & construction services for process facilities will also be present at this event. They are the next generation of engineering services for pharmaceutical production, designed to offer greater performance with less environmental impact from the initial design. In this context, Telstar DiSQ will also be promoted at CPhI, a new Digital Smart Qualification software for commissioning and qualification with digital documents to optimise the development lifecycle, risk management, validation, and verification processes.

Telstar is a leading global brand of aseptic process solutions. The company, part of the azbil Group, specialises in the development of highly complex projects, from integrated process equipment to design, engineering and construction of complete turnkey pharmaceutical and biotech production facilities, critical installations, clean rooms, and R&D laboratories.

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