UV disinfection for food packaging

Published: 21-Nov-2011

For microbiologically demanding packaged goods, hygienic packaging is vital to maintain quality. UV irradiation is an environmentally friendly and economical method of disinfecting packaging materials. Bacteria such as salmonella and coli bacteria are extremely vulnerable and very easily destroyed. UV disinfection modules from Heraeus Noblelight have been specially developed for the disinfection of packaging and surfaces, such as in filling and sealing machines for drink products. Various shapes of pots and cups for milk products, sealing foils or bags, caps for glasses or bottle necks are effectively disinfected with UV radiation.

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Ultraviolet light is already used in water and HVAC disinfection applications. Heraeus Noblelight explains how it also offers a cost-effective and efficient option for food packaging disinfection.

For microbiologically demanding packaged goods such as foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals or cosmetics, hygienic packaging is vital to ensure that the goods maintain their quality. These packaging materials can be disinfected using a variety of methods. Compared with chemical and thermal processes, UV irradiation is an extremely environmentally friendly and, at the same time, economical method.

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