3M bio filters set flow rate and efficiency benchmarks

Published: 19-Oct-2011

For biotech, pharma and biological applications

3M’s LifeAssure PNA filters can be used as pre-filters or final filters, where a high level of microbiological control is required. They are designed for biotech, pharmaceutical and biological applications, such as vaccines production, laboratory fluids, blood products, fine or bulk chemicals, and purified water.

The filters combine the high filtration performance of membrane-type media with enhanced flow characteristics, enabling lower system costs and a longer operating life, says 3M.

“The advanced technologies we have engineered into the new LifeAssure PNA filter series will enable customers in the bioprocess, pharmaceutical and other sectors to reduce capital costs and operating overheads while simultaneously benefiting from improved microbiological control,” said Andrew Whitehouse, sales and marketing manager for 3M‘s Purification division.

LifeAssure PNA filter assemblies are available with either a 0.2µm or 0.45µm filtration rating and feature an asymmetric membrane with 3M’s Advanced Pleat Technology (APT) that maximises the useful surface area of the filter. In addition, optimised filter-media support layers are positioned upstream and downstream of the membrane.

These features increase flow rate per unit pressure, allowing designers to meet performance targets using fewer cartridges, thereby enabling smaller, lower-cost systems.

Tests confirm superior reduction of micro-organisms using these filters. The 0.2µm PNA020 membrane provides Log Reduction Values (LRV) in excess of 7 with B. diminuta (ATCC 19146) at a challenge concentration of at least 10 7cfu/cm2, while the 0.45µm PNA045 filter achieves an LRV greater than 8 for S. marcescens (ATCC 14756) at 10 6cfu/cm2 or higher.

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