Advanced cleanroom air quality monitoring is made more accessible

Published: 8-Dec-2015 offers three new handheld and remote particle counters from Particles Plus has expanded its cleanroom monitoring range with three new handheld and remote particle counters from Particles Plus.

With these advanced-technology particle counters, mission critical ISO cleanroom certification is now more accessible. is the consumables and equipment division of modular cleanroom solutions provider Connect 2 Cleanrooms. Managing Director Joe Govier recently visited Particles Plus’ facility in Stoughton, Massachusetts, US.

'Having recently met with their development team and seen the raft of technological features packed into each unit, it is clear that Particles Plus is offering premium particle counters at an accessible price point, with unrivalled after sales care and ongoing support.

'This approach has a direct synergy with our own, so I am extremely excited that we have formed a long-term partnership with Particles Plus, which we can’t wait to develop further.'

Particles Plus’ President, Adam Giandomenico, added: 'We are thrilled to be working with Connect 2 Cleanrooms as they launch Particles Plus products into the UK market. We are extremely confident that their expert team and highly trained service staff will provide quality support of the Particles Plus instruments.'

User-friendly, accurate & fast particle monitoring

Through simple configuration on the largest touchscreen display on the market, users can create up to 50 custom recipes for sample sizes in up to 1,000 locations in their cleanroom. This user-friendly interface is also icon driven, making the units internationally accessible.

With the most advanced multi-processor on the market for simultaneous operations, the units use the latest technology to pinpoint contamination sources quickly with visual and audible indicators via a patented, realtime meter.

Calibrated with a standard channel size, they can be adapted to suit organisations’ specific processes and requirements with the option of custom size calibration.

With temperature and humidity sensors, an array of data output options and the option to monitor and control remotely via web browser – they are able to meet a wide range of monitoring requirements.

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