bioMérieux launches automated diagnostic solution for microbial detection

Published: 7-Oct-2016

EviSight Compact provides reliable results for increased product safety and reduces costs for pharmaceutical companies

Industrial microbiological control solutions specialist, bioMérieux has launched EviSight Compact, an intelligent incubator system providing real time culture media reading.

For use in pharmaceutical industry R&D and production settings, EviSight Copact combines incubation, intelligent automated detection and enumeration of colonies of bacteria, yeasts and molds in a single system.

This launch results from bioMérieux’s acquisition of the company Advencis (Strasbourg-France) in October 2014.

Through kinetic reading, EviSight Compact’s high-magnification digital imaging technology provides high resolution colour images of the microbial cultures, every 30 minutes, for colony detection.

Specific algorithms analyse every image and enable the detection of colonies at early growth stages, from a size as small as 30 microns.

Openly configurable alert and action level settings enable real time flagging of out of specification results thus saving production time.

'We are especially proud to provide our customers from pharmaceutical industry with this pioneering solution which enables rapid and intelligent identification of micro-organisms,' said Michaël Reynier, VP Health & Personal Care Business at bioMérieux.

EviSight Compact works with ordinary ready-to-use plates and filters, allowing easy implementation and validation for the daily routine. Its embedded data processing system meets the increasing demand from the pharmaceutical industry for data integrity, traceability and reliability of quality control methods.

The compact system can be used at each step of drug development and manufacturing, from the very first stage of R&D to finished products, including growth promotion test, environmental control, water testing and in-process sample testing.

The system is scalable to up to 4 units connected to one computer for 6–12 plates per unit.

The product will be progressively rolled out worldwide, starting in France, the UK, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Benelux, the US, Canada and India.

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