Chinese laundry service awarded RAL Quality Certification

Published: 24-Nov-2014

Jesse Healthcare Linen Services consistently meets high standards of quality and efficiency

Jesse Healthcare Linen Services, located in Shanghai, has become the first laundry service in the People’s Republic of China to be awarded the RAL Quality Certification Mark 992 for Professional Textile Services (RAL-GZ 992).

Dr Andreas Schmidt, from the Hohenstein Institute in Bönnigheim, Germany, presented the certificate to Zheng Yongxiang, Director of Jesse Healthcare Linen Services and his team.

‘Jesse Healthcare Linen Services and its subsidiary Jesse Medical Textile are clear specialists in textiles for the medical sector, both in production and preparation. Accordingly the laundry service works to the highest standards in the area of quality and efficiency, with the focus on hygiene safety for patients and employees,’ said Schmidt.

The laundry service works to the highest standards in the area of quality and efficiency

For Yongxiang, proven and certified safety with regard to quality and hygiene in the shape of certification to RAL Quality Certification Mark 992 was seen as particularly crucial: ‘The provision of proper hygienic textiles is the top priority for our industry. Our customers can rest assured that our laundry consistently satisfies the highest international quality and environmental requirements. The proven and certified safety guidelines mark us out from other service providers and can thus help us to build on our position.’

The Quality Certification Mark is exclusively awarded by the Gütegemeinschaft sachgemäße Wäschepflege (German Certification Association for Professional Textile Services), which is also located in Bönnigheim.

Jesse Healthcare Linen Services was the first and is still one of the leading medical textile washing and leasing service company in China. Up to now the company has provided almost 300,000 pieces of textiles with RFID (Radio-frequency Seite - 2 -identification) tags for hospitals in Shanghai. Based on this technology, the company has optimised processes concerning washing, processing and re-cycling of medical textiles. By focusing on hygiene safety for patients and employees the health risk is reduced to a minimum. The customer group covers 64 hospitals in Shanghai City which involve both medical staff and patients up to 23,560 people. The washing capacity amounts to 40 tons a day, which means 80,000 pieces can be washed every day.

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