Cleaning tools for cleanroom

Published: 16-Nov-2022

AM Instruments cleaning systems ensure the highest standards in your cleanroom cleaning process Cleaning tools and accessories for an effective and easy cleaning routine

Top quality cleaning tools feature:

  • ergonomics (size, weight, shape)
  • ease of cleaning
  • resistance to chemicals
  • resistance to autoclave sterilisation temperatures
  • low release of particles and chemical or microbiological contaminants
  • compliance with current safety and environmental protection regulations
  • availability of complete data sheets and quality certificates

New Annex 1

4.33 The disinfection of cleanrooms is particularly important. They should be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly in accordance with a written programme. For disinfection to be effective, prior cleaning to remove surface contamination should be performed. Cleaning programmes should effectively remove disinfectant residues. More than one type of disinfecting agent should be employed to ensure that where they have different modes of action, their combined usage is effective against bacteria and fungi. Disinfection should include the periodic use of a sporicidal agent. Monitoring should be undertaken regularly in order to assess the effectiveness of the disinfection programme and to detect changes in types of microbial flora (e.g. organisms resistant to the disinfection regime currently in use).

A complete solution for cleaning floors, walls and ceilings

The Wipe&Go system comes complete with a mop, MyWipe and two- or three-bucket trolleys.

The use is easy and effective, while smart accessories such as bucket liners prevent the risk of cross-contamination.

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