MyWipe: Cleanroom wipes by AM Instruments

Published: 14-Nov-2022

AM Instruments introduce their cleanroom wipes, MyWipe

Useful criteria for choosing your cleanroom wipes

  • requested level of cleanliness
  • absorption capacity
  • resistance
  • possibility to sterilise in autoclave
  • type of fabric
  • chemical compatibility
  • type of packaging
  • ease of use
  • cost


Particularly recommended for cleaning every kind of controlled contamination environments, from ISO 4-5 cleanrooms to ultra-critic environments, MyWipe cleanroom wipes can be used for general wiping, spill control, precision device cleaning, cleaning steel, delicate equipment, optical, magnetic and glass surfaces.


Sterile and non-sterile cleanroom wipes, constructed from different materials according to application. Among main advantages are: low particle counts, good resistance to abrasion and to disinfectants and other chemical substances. MyWipe are ideal even for application in ultra-critical environments.


MyWipe are constructed from different materials, among which are: 100% continuous-filament polyester in single or double layer and hydroentangled polyester/cellulose. MyWipe is the ideal solution for general wiping and precision device cleaning.

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