Southern Group Laboratory

E-H Cavendish Courtyard Swallow Road
Weldon North Industrial Estate
NN17 5JX
United Kingdom

+44 1536 403815



With 25 years experience making prepared media SGL provides quality ready prepared media for environmental monitoring and process validation within pharmaceutical, cosmetic, toiletry and other associated industries.


SGL is uniquely placed to offer the quality, continuity and flexibility required by modern industry.

  • All manufacturing is takes place in a clean room environment
  • All processes are managed under a ISO 9001:2000 accredited quality system
  • All QC is undertaken by our own ISO 17025 accredited laboratory

Standard Plates - 50mm, 90mm, 140mm. Formulation, fill volume and packaging can be tailored to suit your process.

Irradiated Aircheck plates – For use in critical applications.

Irradiated Aircheck VHP – Incorporating 3 layers of packaging including a validated VHP impermeable wrap to prevent ingress of VHP.

Contact Plates - Available in 55mm

Screw Top Bottles – Glass and plastic Universals. Syrup bottles 50-1000ml, Winchester 500 & 1000ml and various closures including polypropylene, metal, perforated injection.

Injection Vials/DINS/Infusion Bags – Featuring rubber a injection stopper and crimp cap 5ml-1000ml Vials and DIN bottles. Infusion bags 100ml-5ltr.

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