Alpha launches CE certified visors and masks

Published: 21-Oct-2020

The company’s visors and masks are designed to protect the wearer from inward inhalation of aerosol droplets that may carry COVID-19 or other virus particles

Alpha Laboratories now supplies personal protective equipment, including CE certified safety visors and Type II standard face masks which are suitable for use in a wide variety of healthcare roles and non-healthcare settings.

The AL visors are its highest safety line of visors, manufactured to Annex II (EHSR) of the PPE Regulation 2016/425. They’re designed to provide an increased level of comfort through a high load bearing foam layer and adjustable knitted elastic headband.

The disposable non-woven type II Face Masks are manufactured to EN14683 Type II standards with >99% bacterial filtration efficiency. They provide filtration of air from inside to out, protecting others from viral droplets and other contaminants from the wearer. Elasticated ear loops and an adaptable wire nose strip are included for comfort.

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