Antimicrobial SteriTouch rebrands as Radical Materials

New umbrella company comprises the SteriTouch, SCOPIC X-Ray & Metal Detectable and Konduct Thermally Conductive brands

Antimicrobial brand SteriTouch has announced it is now part Radical Materials, a new umbrella company that enters the market following a diversification of the company’s products.

SteriTouch began operations in 2003 as an antimicrobial additives supplier and gained a reputation in the plastics industry due to its recognisable co-brand the likes of Sennheiser, Mothercare and World Dryer.

In recent years, the company expanded its portfolio to include a broader range of technical materials. These include the SCOPIC x-ray & metal detectable masterbatches and compounds servicing the food processing and pharmaceutical industries, and KONDUCT thermally conductive compounds designed to add value to applications such as motor housing and LED lighting.

For SteriTouch, the company name had become limiting and no longer an accurate representation of the products and services it provides.

Nick Corlett, Director of SteriTouch, explained: "Our focus has always been on delivering the best possible solution for every application, which led many of our customers to approach us with projects falling outside our established expertise, such as detectable materials or functional modifiers.

"While SteriTouch remains a crucial element within our portfolio, the decision to change to a name with a broader, less restrictive scope was an easy one. Choosing the name itself proved somewhat less straightforward, but we feel that Radical Materials is an appropriate reflection of our strategy and aspiration for the next fifteen years."

In expansion mode

The expansion of production facilities and a technical testing laboratory has seen the company move premises twice, most recently in 2017 with a £500,000 investment in an industrial unit in Ebbw Vale, South Wales.

The Ebbw Vale facility now houses three extruders, two injection moulders and a technical laboratory including mechanical and environmental testing and Netzsch laser flash analyser. Solutions are developed to fit customers’ exact requirements, based on material, process and issue faced.

The SCOPIC brand of metal and X-Ray detectable masterbatches and compounds was launched in 2018, along with the purchase of an industrial metal detector for testing purposes.

SCOPIC caters the food processing and pharmaceutical sectors, where plastic products using the technology can be detected should any part contaminate the line.

Another recently launched product range is Konduct, thermally conductive polymers for heat dissipation in applications such as LED lighting and heat sinks.

Radical Materials announced that EMI shielding and anti-static masterbatches and compounds will also be launched under the Konduct brand in due course.