AstellBio enters EDS market

Published: 22-Jan-2018

New launch from Astell Scientific offers custom-built sterilisation systems to treat wastewater from laboratories

AstellBio is a brand new launch from Astell Scientific, the UK manufacturer of laboratory autoclaves. AstellBio enters the market with a range of aqueous effluent decontamination systems (EDS).

With AstellBio, the Kent-based company will offer custom-built sterilisation systems designed to treat wastewater from BSL level 3 laboratories as well as other specialist research and high containment facilities.

Dave Thomas, Astell sales and marketing director, commented: “The creation of the AstellBio brand provides a platform for us to target the more specialist nature of the EDS market while leveraging the good work we are already known for in the world of autoclaves.”

AstellBio is supported by a dedicated website featuring background information explaining the various EDS types and available options.

The AstellBio website also provides guidance in the form of a questionnaire that potential prospects can complete online or download.

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