Astell cooling system saves sterilising time

Cuts time by 60% for large bottled loads

The Cyclon Cooling system can cut sterilisation times by up to 60%

The Cyclon Cooling system from Astell Scientific can cut sterilising and cooling times of large bottled loads such as culture media by up to 60%.

The UK manufacturer of autoclaves and sterilisers says this is a major benefit in microbiology laboratories where large quantities of culture media need to be processed quickly. A reduction in cycle time means that more loads can be processed during normal working hours, improving efficiency and reducing costs. Shorter cycle times also mean reduced water and power consumption.

Developed by Astell’s in-house technical department, Cyclon Cooling is now available as an integral feature on all units fitted with Air Ballast and Jacket Cooling. It can also be offered as a retrofit on existing Astell autoclaves.

Cyclon Cooling is programmable using Astell’s LOGI colour touchscreen control system so that operating parameters can be set during validation to suit the types of fluid being processed.