Cleanroom Expert provides inflatable negative pressure isolation rooms

Cleanroom Expert manufactures bespoke negative pressure isolation rooms in Romania for fast and effective isolation of airborne contamination

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic a lot of countries have discovered that the low number of existing negative pressure isolation rooms may prove to be a problem. Furthermore these negative pressure rooms are in fact the Intensive Care Units in Hospitals. But patients do not arrive healthy at the hospital, they may live in remote areas or the number of beds available in ICU’s is not sufficient.

Cleanroom Expert has designed an inflatable negative pressure isolation room for the Romanian General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations. This design was made in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has been designed from the beginning to allow use for different CBRN incidents beyond this pandemic.

The design was focused on both performance and functionality of the room. It allows changes in structure and can accommodate different concepts from Cleanroom Expert customers, such as: dimensions, colours, more or less transparent walls and/or ceiling, additional doors or utilities.

The room itself has an emergency exit door that leads directly outside and it has a ventilated ante-room to prevent opening the negative pressure room directly to ambient in normal operation. The pressure and number of air changes can be monitored and logged, alarms can be set up and we can even include automatic closed-loop pressure or air flow control. Also Cleanroom Expert can add a back-up negative pressure unit to be started automatically in case of a malfunction preventing the main unit maintaining pressure or air flow setpoint. There is automatic restart after power failure. Remote control and monitoring using the Internet is also possible. All filtering is done using HEPA filters, UVC sterilisation of filter residue is also included.

The ante-room is connected to a decontamination shower, but the decontamination shower and the negative pressure isolation room can also be used separately. There is no forced air flow from the decontamination shower to the negative pressure room to avoid transport of gases or smells from the decontamination shower.

The decontamination shower has a smart water management system with timers to notify the user when filter cleaning is due, also collecting wastewater.

The room can be accessorised with air conditioning or heating, can be installed inside a building or tent, but we can also add anchors to allow installation outside.

These rooms are easy to install and can be quickly deployed wherever they are needed.

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