DTG launches powerstation for biopharma GMP operations

Published: 10-Jun-2022

The US-based provider of industrial-strength power systems and mobile workstation solutions has launched the mobilised, battery-powered stainless steel workstation designed for rigorous data collection and quality control standards

DTG, the provider of industrial-strength power systems and mobile workstation solutions, has launched the Cleanroom PowerStation. The mobilised, battery-powered stainless steel workstation is designed for the rigorous data collection and quality control standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for Class A cleanroom environments in Biopharma.

The Cleanroom PowerStation was first designed for one of the world's leading biopharma firms to comply with its sterile environment requirements on the manufacturing line. It allows for seamless data collection of electronic batch/production records and laboratory activities at the point of task.

Industry 4.0 has created a need for data collection systems that are compliant and efficient in cleanroom settings

With an advanced uninterruptable battery system, it guarantees 100% uptime 24/7 with no risk of lost data during GMP operations.

For this leading biopharma firm, the advanced battery system allows staff to remain in the cleanroom to perform manufacturing operations without having to leave to recharge a battery. This reduces the risk of leaving and entering the cleanroom and potentially compromising cleanroom protocols each time. It also reduces the waste associated with shutting down a cleanroom manufacturing suite to keep critical IT equipment running throughout the manufacturing process.

"As Biopharma firms adapt to new technologies to enable better documentation, reporting and data management, electronic data collection is becoming essential. These firms are moving away from paper-based batch/production records to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) that can store electronic batch records," said Steve Shaheen, DTG CEO and Founder. "Since this progress into Industry 4.0 has created a need for data collection systems that are compliant and efficient in cleanroom settings, the DTG Cleanroom PowerStation is filling an unmet need, bringing computing to the point of task on the manufacturing line, while meeting all cleanroom sanitation requirements."

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Before the availability of mobilised workstations, batch record execution was completed manually on paper or on fixed workstations in the manufacturing suite. This process is expensive and causes waste. And, for pharma manufacturers transitioning from paper-based alternatives to MES systems, the need to install fixed workstations, and bring power and network capacity directly to the cleanroom could leave firms without access to critical manufacturing lines for days at a time during installation, while continuing to cause motion waste across the cleanroom.

Some companies have adapted using alternative mobile technology, but the risk of batteries dying during an operation and losing massive amounts of data presents a big risk in biopharma. DTG's hybrid battery system enables 100% uptime and removes the challenges of installing fixed workstations.

The DTG patent-protected Battery Management System leverages advanced lithium-ion iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry which eliminates fire hazards. Its IEC 60601-1 safety certification status enables it to meet compliance requirements, while being durable enough for rugged industrial environments.

In addition, unlike others, it does not require fans, which makes it quiet and maintenance free, while reducing the risk of dust or airborne particles.

Key features of the DTG Cleanroom PowerStation:

  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • LFP battery chemistry
  • 100% uptime
  • Internal backup battery
  • Optional standalone remote charger for off-cart charging
  • Two-hour recharge time
  • Lightweight 6lb batteries
  • Stainless steel grade 304 material
  • Ethernet and WiFi capability

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