MyFog: Fog generator for smoke tests in classified environments

Published: 15-Nov-2022

MyFog can be controlled directly on the machine monitor or at a distance with the remote control

Simple interface

MyFog has an intuitive interface, with a 2.8” touch screen that allows the operator immediate access to diagnostics and control over the main operating parameters

Intelligent accessories

The machine can be equipped with a full range of accessories to allow a better activity of airflows visualisation


MyFog allows the operator to always have the diagnostics and the visualisation of the main operational parameters under control during smoke tests

A dense, quality smoke!

MyFog is a unique and innovative instrument that produces dense high-quality smoke. It work with WFI (Water For Injection) and can be remote controlled by a single operator.

MyFog comes complete with intelligent accessories:

  • flexible PVC tubing
  • multi-hole rigid tubing
  • extension for multi-hole tubing
  • support with wheels
  • carrying case with castors
  • tripod

Advanced technology

  • water level viewing and diagnostics with status colour guide
  • temperature monitoring and diagnostics with graphic visualisation
  • monitoring of operation times, emission, and use of every single piezoelectric transducer
  • automatic optimisation of the life cycle of transducers, switched on selectively depending on the hours of operation
  • fog density and fan rotation speed adjustment
  • piezoelectric transducer malfunctioning diagnostics
  • diagnostics menu in Operator mode (viewing only) and in Supervisor mode (changes allowed), both protected by password
  • pause function with storing of current generation settings and cycle resumption upon exit from pause or after power cut
  • variable acoustic signal depending on the function
  • transducer lifecycle alarm

Applications for every need

MyFog is the instruments you were waiting for:

  • viewing of the speed and direction of air flows in all classified environments
  • balancing of pressures between rooms via visual indicator
  • detecting air stagnation areas during smoke tests

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