Paxton PureAir blow air cleaner cuts costs

Reduces energy consumption and delivers clean, dry air that is 99.97% pure

Paxton Products, a US supplier of air delivery systems, offers PureAir, a variable frequency, direct drive centrifugal blower for cleanroom applications.

The Cincinnati, Ohio-based firm says the oil-free system delivers clean dry air that is 99.97% pure, making it suitable for sterile environments in the pharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage (pre-packaged), electronics, solar, and semi-conductor markets.

The PureAir can reduce energy consumption by approximately 80% compared with traditional compressed air units, resulting in up to five times lower operating costs, the firm says.

Features of the device include: reduced energy consumption; an inlet (1 micron) filter and an outlet (0.3 micron) HEPA filter; a direct drive design that eliminates belts and tensioning devices; and a compact design for easy installation.

Rick Immell, international sales manager for Paxton Products, said: “With its compact design, PureAir can be easily located at the point where clean, dry air is required, eliminating the need to transport air from a remote location. It also provides an expertly engineered filtration system that ensures ultra clean air.”