Particle Measuring Systems announces the Ultra DI 20 Plus for applications in ultrapure water contamination monitoring

Published: 14-Jul-2022

The Ultra DI 20 Plus delivers all the industry-leading features of its predecessor, plus unrivaled particle matching, portability, and new applications

Ultra DI 20 Plus builds off the industry-leading sensitivity and reliability of the known and trusted Ultra DI line of instruments from Particle Measuring Systems (PMS). This newest model features unrivaled particle matching at concentrations less than 10 particles per ml and is optimised for increased confidence in reported data differences between particle counters – regardless of location.

Like its predecessor, the Ultra DI 20 Plus has an industry-leading sensitivity of 20 nm, and was built for low zero count and large sample volume while monitoring ultrapure liquids at a flow rate of 75 ml/min. With real-time particle measurement and benchmark detection, it enables an immediate response to detected contamination and quickly obtains meaningful statistical data for process management. Additionally, the new Ultra DI 20 Plus eliminates the need for a bulky environmental cabinet, and fast sample cleanup makes it quick and easy to transport between sample points for troubleshooting.

“We are pleased to announce this addition to the Ultra DI family, it is the latest in a long line of high- quality liquid particle counters from Particle Measuring Systems.”, said Dwight Beal, Liquid Product Line Manager. He continued, “We spent many hours in the field studying best practices in process and contamination control and getting feedback from our customers so we can bring this cutting-edge instrument to market that offers truly advanced process control. We are enthusiastic about its particle count matching competency and the advanced capabilities the new Ultra DI 20 Plus will provide its users.”

The Ultra DI 20 Plus is one of PMS’ “Industry Leading Sensitivity” products. This means there are no products on the market that are more sensitive than these and only PMS offers a line of products covering this many elements of production monitoring. PMS currently leads the market in monitoring performance, sensitivity, and reliability in Ultrapure Water, Chemical and Airborne Molecular Contamination Monitoring.

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