Process Seals develops white hygienic sealing material

Published: 6-Mar-2012

For pharmaceutical, food and biotech applications

Process Seals, a division of Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, has expanded its portfolio of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) materials with a new white material that meets the requirements of hygienic design applications for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, and biotech industries.

The white 70 EPDM 253815 was developed for use in O-rings, moulded parts and butterfly valve seals in hygienic applications.

Process Seals replaced the carbon black particles that are traditionally considered indispensable for mechanical durability and chemical resistance with special mineral fillers to create the white compound that gives the perception of cleanliness.

In tests, the white EPDM demonstrated outstanding mechanical and chemical durability, especially in clean-in-place/sterilisation-in-place processes, the firm says. In accordance with DIN ISO 1817, the material was tested in cleaners, steam and disinfectants. After more than 168 hours in the media, the volume change of 70 EPDM 253815 remained below 5%.

The material is certified and approved in accordance with United States Pharmacopeia Class VI, Food and Drug Administration and EC 1935/2004 regulations, and is free of animal derived ingredients.

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