Sartorius adds premium mechanical pipette Tacta to portfolio

Published: 13-Jun-2016

Responding to the needs of users in the laboratories

The Tacta premium mechanical pipettes from Sartorius have a perfectly balanced design that it is easy, safe and comfortable to use, the firm says.

They also meet the most demanding pipetting requirements and deliver consistent and accurate results time after time.

Manufactured from carefully selected materials, each component meets the highest standards of comfort and reliability. The new pipettes are available in volumes from 0.1 to 10,000µl in single channel models, and from 0.5 to 300µl in multichannel models.

Tacta’s ergonomic design enables very low pipetting and tip ejection forces that reduce the risk of Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (WRULD). The unique handle and finger hook design let the pipette rest lightly in the user’s hand, with no need to grip the handle tightly, providing reliable and accurate results during lengthy pipetting sessions. The new Sartorius Optiject levered tip ejection technology enables controlled and smooth tip ejection with minimum force. The Optiload feature, with spring-loaded tip cones in both single- and multi-channel models, ensures tip loading with perfect sealing and minimal force, the firm says.

With only three parts to disassemble and requiring no tools, Tacta pipettes are quick and easy to clean

In addition, the new Sartorius Optilock system provides flexible volume adjustment and locking functionalities, and prevents accidental volume changes during pipetting.

Tacta has a large, clear four-digit display, which makes the volume easy to read even when the pipette is at an angle. Furthermore, Tacta is easy to adjust for a variety of liquids, using a simple adjustment key. An integrated adjustment functionality and scale show the degree of adjustment and, by noting this value for a specific liquid, the user can return to that setting at any time.

With only three parts to disassemble and requiring no tools, Tacta pipettes are quick and easy to clean. They can also be autoclaved without disassembly and are resistant to exposure to UV and chemicals.

Additionally, Safe-Cone filters are available for all Tacta models with volumes of more than 10μL and offer a cost-effective method to reduce contamination. The Safe-Cone filter ejector enables easy removal of used or contaminated filters without human contact.

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