Wickham Laboratories expands media preparation facilities

Published: 25-Oct-2017

The expansion ensures Wickham Lab’s testing facilities are of the highest standard

Wickham Laboratories has expanded its media preparation department. This change includes the purchase of a new autoclave and the construction of an airlock entry with a HEPA filtration system.

As part of the company's commitment to using only the best quality materials in our testing, Wickham Labs operates an in-house media preparation facility where a dedicated Media Preparation team prepares a wide assortment of the routine media used in day to day testing. This includes agars, liquid broths, diluents, wash fluids and sterile instruments.

Ensuring the sterility of the media produced is of utmost importance as it is used in the company’s laboratory in the testing of a wide variety of essential pharmaceutical products and medical devices. The additional autoclave, which was brought as part of this expansion will allow an increase in production capacity and the new airlock system provides a greater deal of control over any potential microbial risks in this aseptic area.

As a GMP/GLP compliant laboratory with more than 50 years of experience, Wickham Laboratories is an established name in the fields of pharmaceutical and medical device contract testing, research and consultancy. Conducting business with clients worldwide and the combined expertise of our laboratory technicians and managers enables Wickham Labs to be fully conversant with global regulatory expectations.

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