Virginia Tech professor receives $1m grant to investigate biofilm formation

It is hypothesised that a signalling molecule in bacteria has functions that cause biofilm formation and motility to switch on or off

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Birmingham University develops new antimicrobial coating

The new patented coating is being commercialised by a new company, NitroPep

South Korea addresses AMR in manufacturing

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) has been addressed at Seoul conference as the government takes action

Nephron Pharmaceuticals automates microbial monitoring service

Growth Direct detects any potential microbial growth 50% faster than the human eye

New ISO 22519 PW/WFI production standard: Three principles

Shlomo Sackstein and Keren Zalkind Zigelboim of Biopuremax explain the three GMP principles of water purification and ...

SteriTouch and Oxtek Australia unveil antimicrobial solutions for concrete

Collaboration has resulted in a single pack one application spray on system that is 99.99% effective against MRSA and E. ...

Research: Superbugs cling to surgical gowns and stainless steel

Spores of Clostridium difficile remain after being treated with the recommended disinfectant, new study finds

Jim Polarine | STERIS Senior Technical Service Manager

Either chasing tornados or identifying microbial contamination, Polarine travels the world coaching how to put science ...

Cherwell microbiology specialist examines trends in pharma

Hamish Hogg comments on GMP audit to aseptic processing and other hot topics as presented at the Pharmaceutical and ...

British antimicrobial specialist BioClad serves an ace at Wimbledon

Wimbledon Club fits four kitchens with BioClad antimicrobial wall cladding

Packaging: The secret to food safety

Dr Ulrich Nehring, a food chemist, sheds light on the packaging materials that can help manufacturers ensure food safety

Europe market report: Playing the waiting game

Demand for cleanrooms, products and services is on the rise in Europe despite Brexit uncertainty. Players in the region ...

Cleanroom attire: Critical components for optimal safety

Jerry Martin, VP of Sales & Marketing at Prudential Overall Supply, explains the essentials of safe cleanroom garments

Antistat and Integrity Cleanroom products gain international distributor

Freedom Sales has taken these UK-based cleanroom consumable brands for global distribution

Lonza Specialty Ingredients carve-out gets microbial control focus

Carve-out will see the LSI business under independent management, with increased control over its operations and costs