AsepticSure wins innovation award

Published: 19-Jul-2011

At the first International Conference on Prevention and Infection Control

Medizone International’s AsepticSure disinfection technology has won an international award for innovation.

The San Francisco-based company received the award at the World Health Organisation’s first International Conference on Prevention and Infection Control (ICPIC) in Geneva, Switzerland.

Dr Dick Zoutman, a professor at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, presented the research findings of a paper by Zoutman and Medizone International's president, Dr Michael Shannon, which was published in the American Journal of Infection Control in May. The research paper demonstrated the anti-microbial efficacy of Medizone's AsepticSure disinfection technology.

Only three out of 55 research projects entered in the competition received an Innovation Award of Excellence.

“AsepticSure was considered transformative, impactful, pioneering in its scope, strategic, sustainable with an expected long-term positive impact – and adaptable in that it could be applied to many different settings within the healthcare system,” said Shannon.

Edwin Marshall, MediZone’s ceo, added: “The production launch of AsepticSure is going to offer hospitals and critical care facility operators an unprecedented opportunity to address the task of lowering infection rates within their facilities, with technology that was not even considered possible just a few short years ago.”

Medizone is in final production development of its AsepticSure decontamination systems, which offer decontamination to the sterilisation standard of >6 log within hospitals, care homes, food processing plants, cleanroom manufacturing facilities, schools and other critical infrastructure.

A government variant is being developed for bio-terrorism counter measures including building remediation

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