Medizone granted Canadian patent for AsepticSure

Published: 1-Dec-2011

US firm has six patent applications in place for hospital disinfection product

The Canadian Patent Office has granted Medizone International a patent for processes and systems relating to its AsepticSure hospital disinfection product.

Medizone's lead patent attorney, Robert Hirons, said the patent gives the firm the exclusive right to make, use and sell in Canada, the AsepticSure sterilising apparatus and process covered by the patent, for the next 20 years. It also provides a springboard for the accelerated granting of Medizone's corresponding patent applications in the US.

Medizone's AsepticSure system, using a proprietary ozone-based process, creates an oxidative vapour with high-level antimicrobial properties across a broad array of infectious disease-causing pathogens.

Medizone’s ceo Edwin Marshall added: “With six international patent applications in place, the foundation for our 'patent protection fence' has now been firmly established.”

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