BioFit seating: engineered to meet critical performance environment standards

Published: 11-Jul-2022

The right chair for the job rarely means just any chair. It’s something that’s especially true of cleanroom and ESD-sensitive environments, where contaminants and static electricity can have real consequences on people and products

So, it only makes sense to select technical seating specifically designed and engineered for critical performance applications and spaces.

At BioFit, the science behind the construction is where it starts. BioFit's ISO 3 to ISO 8 cleanroom, ESD and combination cleanroom/ESD chairs and stools offer the same ergonomic features as their office-use counterparts, only featuring key components and design processes to minimise particle generation and inadvertent transfer of electricity.

While ISO standards do not apply to equipment used in cleanrooms, BioFit has always maintained that its cleanroom products must meet or exceed the particulate cleanliness objectives of the rooms in which they will be used. The higher classifications of cleanroom seating include proprietary under-seat airflow exchange systems and chrome- or zinc-plated metal parts to inhibit particles associated with painted finishes from flaking off chairs while in use. Pneumatic cylinders within the chairs are warrantied for their functional lifetime and come with internal rubber protective gaskets that constrain the release of particles or gas into the surrounding work environment.

BioFit ESD seating not only addresses the specifics of the work environment in which it will be used, but also the ergonomic needs of users, such as lumbar support, intuitive functionality and more for electrostatic-sensitive areas in semiconductor processing, electronics and defence facilities. The company builds their products using proprietary components and drag cables proven to dissipate charges through the back, seat, base, and pneumatic controls, as well as through all casters or glides in contact with flooring surfaces. Plus, BioFit offers customised planning assistance to help facility managers meet ESD-protected area quality assurance standards mandated by the US Environmental Protection Agency as well as other requirements to facilitate ESD control programs in accordance with American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/ESD S20.20 guidelines.

Learn more about critical performance products, including details on how BioFit provides distinct competitive advantages from the ground up.

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