New seating range from BioFit

Published: 11-Aug-2021

BioFit introduces high-weight-capacity seating for ISO 7 and ISO 8 cleanrooms

Fulfilling demand for comfort and ergonomic functionality while accommodating users up to 500 lbs./227 kg in cleanroom environments, BioFit now offers its Intensive Plus series seating in ISO 7 and ISO 8 configurations.

Originally designed for continuous-use, 24-hour operations such as emergency dispatch centers and military applications, the addition of critical performance packages to Intensive Plus models to meet these ISO ratings provides facility specifiers with new alternatives for heavier users.

Featuring a fully contoured profile, the Intensive Plus has a roomy saddle-shaped seat with a waterfall front to ensure even weight distribution and comes standard with an executive-style seat pan control so users can quickly and easily adjust the seat position.

Its contoured backrest is molded to provide reliable lumbar support and a polished, 5-point, star-shaped aluminum base affords a sturdy foundation, along with 3-inch/7.6 cm diameter, dual-wheel casters load rated at 165 lbs./75 kg each. Glides are also available standard instead of casters.

The Intensive Plus is rated compliant with U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) requirements for 24-hour intensive use in severe environments and carries a 5-year warranty.

Meeting the GSA standard validates the Intensive Plus as a fresh option to late generation seating products within the intensive use category across a range of industries, now including ISO 7 and ISO 8 cleanrooms. Learn more here.

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