Amazon Filters enjoys busy start to 2019

Published: 4-Mar-2019

The beginning of 2019 has seen the installation of Amazon products across a variety of industries

Amazon Filters has been busy in recent weeks. The high level of activity includes installation of their product ranges, SupaClean and SuperPore, in various fields for various uses.

A filter supplier and manufacturer, Amazon FIlter is headquartered in Camberley, UK. The company supplyies to many industries across Europe. So far during 2019, the company’s products have been utilised by coating manufacturers, wine producers, and manufacturers of soft contact lenses, covering a wide range of industries.

The SupaClean contained filtration system was used in coating manufacture in the filling lines to remove impurities such as skins, coagulants and undispersed pigments from their final product.

Three SupaPore products were employed. VPW sterile filters and VPWAs were used to remove all spoilage microorganisms from wine. The filters were chosen because of their ability to remove the microorganisms with single layer PES membrane, without impacting the nature of the product.

The other SupaPore product subject of recent activity was the SupaPore PCG capsule filters. The product has improved lead times and security of supply in the production of a monomer used in soft contact lenses.

All filters produced by the company are manufactured in cleanroom conditions, delivered with documents that aid in proper use.

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