BioFit redoubles commitment to user wellbeing


The company's recognition campaign coincides with the company’s 75th anniversary as an innovator in the cleanroom and static-control seating industry

BioFit redoubles commitment to user wellbeing

In the face of the ongoing pandemic, BioFit Engineered Products is increasing customer awareness of components, design and construction techniques of its critical performance seating products that promote user wellness, including elimination of potentially harmful chemicals, and efficient cleanability and disinfectability.

The recognition campaign coincides with the company’s 75th anniversary as an innovator in the cleanroom and static-control seating industry.

On the materials front, BioFit is on the cusp of extending an exclusivity agreement with specialty coatings, films and fabrics manufacturer, Duracote, for a phthalate- and fire-retardant-chemical-free vinyl upholstery for combination cleanroom/ESD seating on which the companies collaborated and introduced last year, culminating two years of development. Branded under the BioFit Microcon nameplate, this proprietary vinyl formulation results in a better quality ESD upholstery which not only complies with the California FR-free standard, but it’s also phthalate-free, enabling BioFit to meet stringent performance standards while offering a vinyl that promotes the well-being of users. The new Microcon upholstery meets or exceeds ISO and static-control industry and comparative quality standards and is available on the BioFit combination ISO 3 to ISO 8/ESD-rated chairs and stools.

Like BioFit products for scientific and medical applications, the company’s critical performance seating is precision engineered and built to accommodate frequent and easy cleaning and disinfecting ‒ characteristics more important than ever as COVID-19 variants surge. Specific models include seats and backs with antimicrobial properties, tight-fitting protective backrest panels to help prevent debris buildup, vacuum-formed upholstered seats that prevent bacterial and fluid infiltration, and durable metal finishes and comprehensive upholstery options that withstand regular cleaning and disinfecting.

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Since 1946, BioFit has been a pioneer in the development of ergonomic seating solutions for technical and specialised work environments, combining task- and user-specific functionality with comfort traditionally associated with office seating. To learn more, click the link below, call 800-597-0246 or email

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