Lasair III Cleanroom Particle Counter given new features by PMS

Published: 10-Nov-2016

The system is quicker at helping companies with trouble shooting in instances when contamination is found

Particle Measuring Systems (PMS) has released the Lasair III Cleanroom Particle Counter with new enhancements that are designed to stay ahead of new industry requirements while also improving usability.

The Lasair III now has Alarm Reason Management, Modbus TCP/IP communications, ISO 14644-1:2015 Statistics, and internal WiFi Communications.

The new alarm reason management feature allows the user to immediately identify the root cause of contamination which decreases troubleshooting time and its impact on product time to release.

The Modbus TCP/IP communications feature enhances the instrument’s flexibility for easier integration into third party monitoring systems, while the internal WiFi option allows data download to DataAnalyst Software or via built-in Web Browser.

The user can also perform sample, location and recipe configuration with remote wireless control with the added bonus of having an instrument that is easy to clean.

With the WiFi feature, the new Lasair III particle counter is designed for a paperless data management.

'This upgraded Lasair III supports our mission to continuously provide the highest technology solutions,' Gianni Scialo, VP of Life Sciences for Particle Measuring Systems said.

'It meets all regulatory requirements while also improving the ease with which the user and the instrument interface,' he added.

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