NSF training courses add new location in Ireland

Published: 26-Jun-2019

September courses cover European pharma training from CAPA management to human error prevention

Places on NSF’s September European pharma training courses are still available, but filling up fast.

Mathematics & Statistics—QP Module

9-12 September, York, UK

 This course is Royal Society of Chemistry approved training.

Designed to meet the needs of the aspiring qualified person and other pharmaceutical professionals, this highly participative four-day course will teach you how to use statistical techniques to assess and monitor the reliability and accuracy of the data you generate.

Statistical Process Control

9-10 September, York, UK

This course is Royal Society of Chemistry approved training.

This two-day course provides you with the essential understanding of several fundamental statistical process control (SPC) tools for analysing data, enabling you to understand and interpret what the output is telling you.

Statistical Testing

11 September, York, UK

This course is Royal Society of Chemistry approved training.

This hands-on course details some of the common statistical tests and how they should be correctly applied and interpreted throughout your organisation.

Workshop on Deviation & CAPA Management

10 September, London, UK

An interactive one-day workshop designed to re-evaluate your deviation process by using risk to your advantage, in addition to corrective and preventative actions (CAPAs). Learn what a ‘good’ deviation system and deviation report look like to minimise dead time in your review process.

Workshop on Human Error Prevention

11-12 September, London, UK

This focused, challenging human error prevention training is designed to improve your understanding of human error and provide you with the practical steps to simplify processes and instructions whilst increasing conformity.

This course runs in succession with our Deviation & CAPA Management workshop and complements previous learning.

Pharmaceutical GMP Audits and Self-Inspections

16-20 September, York, UK

This is a CQI and IRCA Certified Training GMP PQS Lead Auditor Course

Learn how to perform your best audit ever, with the opportunity to become a certified GMP Pharmaceutical Quality Systems Lead Auditor! This intensive five-day course will provide you will the knowledge, skills and confidence to audit all aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing and control.

GMP for Biological and Biotechnology Products

17-20 September, Dublin, Ireland

Held at the State-of-the-Art NIBRT biotech facility, gain insight into internationally recognised current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP), including interactive plant tours and detailed discussions with our experts.

New Annex 1: How to Develop an Effective Contamination Control Strategy

17 September, Milan, Italy

This course will be presented in Italian. This course provides an overview of the changes in the new Annex 1 and their implications, as well as a detailed guide on the methodology, format and content in preparing a holistic contamination control strategy.

Workshop on Quality Risk Management

24 September, Manchester, UK

We will show you how to take a structured, risk-based approach to problem-solving and decision-making using a range of industry-recognised techniques, with the chance to practice resolving real-life scenarios using the tools you have learned.

Workshop on Supplier Management

25-26 September, Manchester, UK

This two-day interactive training course will equip you with all the tools to develop, implement and improve your pharmaceutical supplier management programmes and increase the value of your supply chain.

This course runs in succession with the Quality Risk Management workshop and complements previous learning.

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