TTC picked for CIVAS project by Sultan Qaboos University Hospital


The six month project will include all standard cleanroom fittings for a hospital pharmacy drug preparation lab

Technical Trading (TTC) has been was selected to design and build a Central Intravenous Admixture Service (CIVAS) laboratory for Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, Oman.

The specialised projects division of TTC have been delivering air conditioning projects (HVAC) for private properties, commercial buildings and various ministries.

CIVAS is a state-of-the-art drug preparation lab in a hospital pharmacy, where special drugs are prepared by trained personnel in a stringent cleanroom environment.

Work is already underway to start the buildup process at the university hospital. The duration of the project will be six months.

The project will include design, supply and installation of HVAC systems; electrical services such as special light and fixtures; ceiling, flooring and modular wall panels in accordance with cleanroom standards.

In addition, the work will involvee supply and installation of special equipment such as laminar flow hoods and safety cabinets; cold rooms and low temperature refrigerators; furniture and other related items.

Mohammed Arshad is Divisional Manager of the Specialised Project Division. He will be heading the project.

“This is a challenging project for us,” said Arshad. “Since this is a first lab to come in Oman, expectations are high.”

“These labs are so important in today’s health sector, as they reduce the risk and errors for application of treatments of certain diseases.”

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“We hope to build many more such labs in the near future.”