YIT provides building services for cleanroom and biosafety labs


Signs contracts in Austria and Germany worth €6.5m

YIT, a European provider of building and construction services to a variety of industries, has been awarded two contracts to provide building services for a cleanroom and high-security laboratories in Austria and Germany.

Semiconductor manufacturer Infineon Technologies Austria, located in Villach, has given YIT, which is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, a €6m contract to provide HVAC and other systems for its cleanroom at the Carinthia plant, where 300mm wafers for solar panels are produced.

YIT is responsible for cleanroom technology, process cooling water, process vacuum, ventilation, air conditioning, heating technology, fire protection, instrumentation, process control and automation at the expanding plant and began installing 640 fan filters in the cleanroom last month. The goal is to commission part of the cleanroom by the end of this month (October). The aim is to hand over the complete building to Infineon by the end of the year.

The Bernhard-Nocht-Institut (BNI) for Tropical Medicine in Germany, has chosen YIT to take care of facility management for its biosafety level 3 and 4 laboratories in Hamburg in a €0.5m contract.

YIT will be responsible for the ventilation and air-conditioning systems for BNI\'s administrative and laboratory complex, which focuses on tropical medicine, for the next five years. The stringent safety regulations (EN 12128) impose special requirements for the ventilation technology because a consistent level of negative pressure has to be maintained in the facilities at all times, even in the case of malfunction.

Approximately 45 ventilation and air conditioning systems with a capacity of some 90,000m3/hr have been installed in the centre.

YIT has been involved in the construction of the BNI administrative and laboratory complex since 2007.