New sound level meters from PCE Instruments

Published: 15-Aug-2018

To take the right health and safety precautions in a cleanroom, noise must be measurable

Employees are exposed to unacceptable noise levels at work, which cause not only discomfort and annoyance, but also irreversible hearing problems along with other health issues such as a lack of concentration, sleep and even anxiety. This is not only applicable in industrial settings but also in cleanrooms, laboratories and other environments.

There are several rules and regulations to prevent these problems. To take the right health and safety precautions in a cleanroom, noise must be measurable. PCE Instruments, manufacturer and supplier of test instruments, has added a new noise testing range to its existing line to help companies protect their employees’ health against noise.

For this purpose, PCE Instruments recently launched 3 highly accurate sound level meters: PCE-428, PCE-430 and PCE-432. These can carry out A, B, C and Z frequency weightings as well as fast, slow and impulse time weightings. For companies that are restricted to specific regulations, it is important to know that the new decibel meters comply with the standards GB/T 3785.1-2010, IEC 60651:1979, IEC 60804:2000, IEC 61672-1:2013, ANSI S1.4-1983 and ANSI S1.43- 1997.

The PCE-428 is a class 2 model whereas the PCE-430 and PCE-432 are class 1 models. The standard versions of the noise level meters are with 1/1 octave band but come with an option for 1/3 octave band. The noise meters can calculate SPL, LEQ, Max, Min, Peak, SD, SEL, and E values. Data can be saved to a microSD card and evaluated via a PC software. The new PCE sound level meters also come with a microphone, a wind noise suppressor (foam ball), a USB cable, a mains adaptor, an ISO 9001 factory calibration certificate, a user manual and a carrying case. Calibrators or a tripod can also be purchased.

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