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PCE Instruments manufactures and sells test instruments, control systems, laboratory and weighing equipment for a vast range of different purposes and applications

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Founded in Germany by engineers in 1999, now consists of 13 offices around the world, including the UK sales office PCE Instruments UK Ltd.

PCE Instruments also provides pre- and after sales technical support as well as calibration and re-calibration services.

To the cleanroom industry, these three product categories are most important:

Particle counter

A particle counter or dust meter is a common tool for monitoring the air quality, for example, in cleanrooms. The air quality in a clean room is defined by its controlled level of air pollution, specified by the quantity of particles per cubic metre, which have a certain particle size. An airborne particle counter measures the concentration of particles in the air. More precisely, it shows the user how many airborne particles of a certain size are present in the environment tested.

The number and size of particles allowed in a cleanroom and the classification of clean rooms is defined in the EN ISO 14644-1:2015 standard. The particle sizes allowed in clean rooms to provide a clean environment for research and / or production range from 0.1 to 5 μm. PCE Instruments offers the right airborne particle counter for your application.

Pressure meter

The differential pressure also plays an important role in controlled environments like cleanrooms. A differential pressure meter measures the differential pressure in pneumatic, compressor and pump installations, valves, tanks and HVAC systems. PCE Instruments offers digital hand-held differential pressure meters for measuring the differential pressure of non-explosive, non-corrosive liquids, fluids and gases including air. The latter will be most relevant when looking for a differential pressure meter for a clean room. The pressure meter models offered by PCE Instruments are highly accurate and most of them have lots of useful additional features and functions.

Air flow meter

Air filtration systems like HEPA and ULPA filters used in unidirectional airflow cleanrooms need to be inspected regularly for proper functionality. To do this, an air flow meter / air velocity meter from PCE Instruments can be used.

Air velocity meters from PCE Instruments measure air velocity and air pressure, some can also measure the wind direction. Some air flow meters are made for individual measurements, some for continuous measurement. Depending on the application, a hot-wire airflow meter, a cup anemometer, a vane airflow meter or a Pitot tube air flow meter will be required. All of these types of air velocity meter can be purchased from PCE Instruments.

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