PCE expands dust measuring product range

Published: 2-Mar-2018

The newest particle counter range from PCE Instruments has been designed to satisfy the increasing demand for high-end technology at a lower cost

PCE Instruments, the UK manufacturer based in Southampton, produces and sells test instruments, control systems, laboratory and weighing equipment for a vast range of different purposes and applications. The company has expanded its portfolio with a new range of affordable particle counters to satisfy the increasing demand for low-cost solutions.

The particle counters available from PCE offer customers a professional, high-end instrument with multiple functions along with a wide range of measurable particle sizes. This technology, however, is limited to companies that can afford the technology.

Generally, companies with a low budget require an instrument with only a few measurable particle sizes. For these customers, the product line on offer might be too expensive.

In a move to provide affordable and yet high-end particle counter technology, PCE has introduced the PCE-PCO 2 featuring more functions than the PCE-PCO 1. The PCE-PCO 2 dust meter measures particle sizes of 0.3 µm, 0.5 µm, 1.0 µm, 2.5 µm, 5.0 µm and 10 µm, just like the PCE-PCO 1, but also measures mass concentrations of 0 ... 2000 µg/m³.

According to PCE, this new particle counter offers a more affordable alternative for customers.

Also on offer is the most basic particle counters. Models PCE-MPC 10 and PCE-RCM 10 can be used for quick and easy indicative measurements of particle concentrations in the air, for instance in offices and other workplaces to observe health and safety of employees. The measurable particle sizes are 2.5 µm and 10 µm.

For those interested in purchasing PCE instruments, the company also provides pre and after sales technical advice as well as calibration and re-calibration services.

More information on the PCE website.

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