Dycem offers 360 degree contamination solution


New wall and ceiling panels control airborne contamination

Global contamination control specialist Dycem has launched innovative contamination control wall and ceiling panels designed to meet the specific requirements for airborne contamination.

The state-of-the-art panels - not found anywhere else in the industry - have been designed to enhance Dycem’s existing polymeric flooring products, which have been proven to capture 99.9% of foot- and wheel-borne contamination.

Wall and ceiling panels now offer 360 degree protection

Wall and ceiling panels now offer 360 degree protection

As well as controlling contamination at floor level, Dycem’s wall and ceiling panels now offer facilities a holistic 360° solution by further improving the reduction of airborne contaminants. Recent tests revealed that by using the wall panels alone, airborne particulate counts decreased by 46%.*

Unguarded proliferation of airborne contamination can have serious consequences, especially where environmental sterility is a concern. A single microbe in a batch of aseptic drugs could cause the entire batch to be quarantined or scrapped, leading to supply shortages, financial consequences, product recalls, FDA warning letters or even company shutdown.

By installing wall systems in addition to Dycem’s flooring, the risks are dramatically reduced through the reduction of contamination in all areas and at all levels.

Furthermore, Dycem can contribute to lower cleanroom maintenance costs: facilities avoid the problems of air handling and HEPA air filtrations becoming overwhelmed, necessitating the change of filters and cost of shutting down the cleanroom, through a significant reduction in airborne particles. The wall panels also ensure that there is no need for increased airflow.

ISO cleanroom standards and cGMP necessitates that the introduction of particles into critical areas is minimised and recognise the importance of implementing an effective contamination control regime.

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*The Dycem Wallpaper Study was conducted by Larry Ranta, of CPC Laboratories, 21 May 2012