GE launches new factory-in-a-box

KUBio BSL2 is designed to accelerate the manufacture of products requiring a biosafety level 2 environment such as viral vector-based therapeutics

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AdvantaPure gains second US patent for AdvantaPass

New patent granted to the cleanroom wall pass-through system includes installation methods and uses

Berkshire Sterile completes validation of isolator-based Lyo Line

Plans for 2018 include additional investment in equipment and the addition of a second formulation suite in 2018

Hosokawa delivers game-changing dispensary booth to pharma company

In line with a comprehensive user requirement specification, Hosokawa Micron Ltd has developed a bespoke, GMP design, ...

Highly potent APIs: hazards in classification and handling

This variability and subjective nature of classification means that the OEL is best considered as a tool for site risk ...

Lonza expands encapsulation and HPAPI capabilities in North America

A new Harro Hӧfliger Modu-C MS encapsulation unit has been installed at Lonza's integrated product development ...

Bigneat delivers bespoke controlled environment curing system

The UK manufacturer has designed a controlled environment system to answer the specific needs of a transfusion ...

Inside Patheonís new flexible pharmaceutical development facilities

In the pharmaceutical sector, flexible facilities are in demand as new niche therapies replace the traditional ...

Human cell production plant uses Comecer's Flexycult incubation system

A Ä10m contract with Comecer means the German biopharmaceutical company Co.Don will be provided with equipment for its ...

Telstar develops standard series modular weighing booths

The company optimises downflow booths and reduces delivery times from thirteen to three weeks

Dec Group shares expertise on containment for handling HPAPIs

Safety plays a crucial role in handling high potency active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) and designing the ...

Protecting downflow booth performance for safe operation

Downflow booths provide a safe environment for workers handling potentially hazardous powdered raw materials but to ...

Telstar designs isolators offering under 200 picogram operator protection

The company has designed a set of 13 high-containment isolators operating under a once-through-airflow for Ipsen ...

Grifols' Misterium cleanroom solutions expanded to include systems for pharma preparation

Grifols is now exclusive US distributor for airinspace air decontamination and surface disinfection technologies